Three Steps to Handling Objections

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 ·

It can be hard to know what objection a friend is going to raise when you start to talk with her about network marketing. You can know a lot about the people with whom you spend time, but you probably don't know everything.

Perhaps you have a clue as to why she might think it's a bad idea, so you can be better prepared, but she still might surprise you with something that's stirring around deeper in her gut.

And, you're going to want to talk to a lot of people, not just those few people that you know really, really well.

So, the point is, how can you possibly have a ready reply for the dozens of possible objections that your friend might raise during your chat over tea?

Well, you could memorize a bunch of responses that you heard that made sense to you and then go into jukebox mode with the correct replay when your friend pushes one of the prepared key combinations. But there's an easier way, a way that is natural and stress free.

Open your heart and really listen to what your friend is saying. Let her say it all. Once it's spilled out of her mouth, it won't be bouncing around on the inside of her skull, bashing up her dreams of what could be. Listening also gives her the chance to get to her true objection, so you'll be able to talk about what's really going on underneath.

Once you know her real objection, you simply follow three easy steps:
1. I know how you feel.
2. I used to feel that way too.
3. This is what I found out.

So simple.

What you're really doing is:
1. You connect with her.
2. You stand on her side of the argument, shoulder to shoulder.
3. You point out an alternative based on your own experience.

"I hate everything about network marketing."

"I know, I know. I used to hate it, too. But a friend that I really trusted told me some things that I hadn't known before, and I decided to research it a little bit. What I learned is that network marketing is the best business, ever, for women like you and me."

Match her energy. If she speaks softly and off-handedly throws it off, then you speak softly and set it gently back on the table. If she glares at you and throws words at you, widen your eyes and grin hugely, while you enthusiastically tell her "I know!!! I know!!! I used to hate it, too!!! But I couldn't BELIEVE it when a friend that I really trusted. . . ."

It's simple. Open your heart, listen, 1,2,3, match her energy.

Then your jukebox can sit there and softly hum the background music, which is what it's there for anyway.

I hope you're having an amazing day.


Barbara Lil Dab Designs said...
June 24, 2009 at 11:25 AM  

marilyn, That was a great read! thank you, I always find it hard to talk with people,in fear of words not coming across the way i want them to.I have hurt people with my words to often, but really not meaning to. maybe it was the way I phased them.Just letting you know how i feel..I hope your not looking at me like i have three heads---lol...i get that alot..

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