Thursday, June 11, 2009 ·

There are three things you can do when you're feeling afraid.

  1. You can endure the fear. You can go through your day and endure that tight feeling in your gut. You can simply decide to wait it out.
  2. You can quit. You can decide that you're not going to do this anymore, and simply walk away from it.
  3. You can take action. You can face your fear and do something about it.
Taking action moves the energy and changes the emotion of fear into something else. You come out stronger on the other side. You take control of the situation.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to approach a colleague about my MLM business. I've talked to hundreds of people, given presentations, trained others; you'd think that I would have worked through this particular fear by now. But this colleague is a highly trained professional, and I found that I was a little intimidated by her. She might think MLM is beneath her. She might think less of me.

I remembered that my fear existed only inside my head. As long as I didn't let anyone else, especially my colleague, know that I was afraid, I could regain control of my fear and take action. The way I could disguise my fear would be through my body language.

So I squared my shoulders, calmed my face and heart, and walked into her office. We chatted for a while about an ongoing project, and when we were finished, I made sure I was facing her directly, looked her calmly in the eye, and asked her if she had 5 minutes for a non-work conversation. She said sure. And then I asked her what she knew about network marketing.

I've decide not to use subterfuge, or pretend there isn't an elephant in the room. This always makes people wary, and I just don't like going through that charade. Straight forwardness makes people feel better and allows them to respond openly and honestly.

We talked enthusiastically for about 5 minutes, and she gave me her private email address. I gave her some printed information, then later entered her into my team's management system. She'll be receiving, automatically, detailed information over the next few weeks, and I'll check in with her next week to see where she's at.

We've started the conversation, easily, honestly, and without my fear being a factor in any way. It doesn't matter whether she signs on or not. What does matter is that I've found a way to get past my fear: body language. It's given me the advantage that lets me take action and not be crippled before I start.

What's your fear? How can you move past it?

Practice where it's easier. My colleague is a kind, friendly woman, and I knew she wouldn't blast me. It was an easy place to start.

One of the most important things you can learn is that you don't have to be afraid of being afraid. It's just an emotion, and you can conquer it. The way to conquer it is to TAKE ACTION.

What's your fear? How can you move past it?

Practice with a friend. Ask them to watch your body language and tell you what you do when you're acting fearful, confident, joyful. Adopt the body language that reflects what you want to feel, and your emotion will shift toward that feeling, away from fear.

YOU CAN DO IT. All you have to do is take action.

I hope you're having an amazing day.


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