solution consciousness

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 ·

Our culture teaches us to closely examine things that are going wrong, so we can learn from them. But I've found that the more you focus on what's wrong, the bigger it gets.

Instead of focusing on the problem (problem consciousness), focus on solutions.

I've talked with people who insist on describing in rich detail why a particular option won't work. They tell me the history of everything leading up to the situation, the nuances that make the problem important and interesting, the players involved that complicate the possibility of solutions.

Ignore all that. Sure, the problem exists. Sure, circumstances led you there. But look forward. What would change the situation? What would you love to do about it? Where would you like to be with this situation, instead of where you now are?

You can try writing down solutions. At first they might be far fetched, but if you can get those down on paper, they are no longer cluttering up your mind. Keep listing solutions, and pretty soon, sensible possibilities start to show up. One of them will lighten your heart.

Sometimes you need someone else to help you with this. Sometimes when you're in a dark hole, the best way to climb out is if a friend reaches in and pulls you out. Then you can both move forward, away from the hole.

But the best thing you can do is refuse to think about the problem and how you got there, and focus on how you're going to move forward.

Positive attitude. It works miracles.


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