What is residual income, anyway?

Thursday, August 27, 2009 ·

Residual income is something you work for once, and then get paid again and again and again. When an author writes a book, or an actor makes a movie, she does the work once, and then gets paid royalties every time the book is purchased or someone goes to see the movie.

Now, each author or actor can stop there, with just one book, just one movie, or she can go ahead and write a second book, act in a second movie, and then she receives royalties for the second piece of work on top of the royalties that she's still receiving for the first piece of work.

I would love to be an author, or an actor. I would love to spend my days weaving words into luscious images that would enrich others lives. I would love to portray a conflict and resolution that would bring light to millions of hearts. But only a handful of people possess the reservoir of creativity that bring them success in writing or acting.

But anyone can go into network marketing. You can be young, old, in a mid-life crisis. You can be black, Asian, Anglo-Saxon, Indian, anything. You can have multiple PhDs, a grammar school education, or anywhere in between. You don't need a slick resume, you don't need a rich aunt or even a sugar daddy.

The only things you need are a yearning to help other people succeed, a product that you LOVE, and a willingness to learn the ropes.

And network marketing is all about residual income. You sign up your first person, and you earn a commission that month, the next month, the next month, the next month, again and again, for signing up that one person.

Now, you can stop there, or you can sign up a second person and earn a commission every month for that person, in addition to the commission that you're already earning on the first person. Then there's the third, fourth, tenth person. Soon you're able to pay your bills, go on long vacations, watch your son's soccer game, watch your daughter pick out her prom dress. And while you're doing all of those things, the commissions appear in your checking account, again and again and again.

What kind of a monthly income would make a difference in your life? If you had more money, what would it help you accomplish?

If you start now, you'll get there all that much sooner. What in the world are you waiting for?


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