Transformation or change?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 ·

The concept of transformation is different from change. Change is uncertain. Transformation is evolution.

When something transforms you, you have become something new. The experience was profound, unforgettable, rare. You couldn't go back to being the way you were before the experience, even if you wanted to.

Take something commonplace, like baking chocolate chip cookies. You get out the butter and the flour, sugar, vanilla extract, baking soda, walnuts, a little bit of salt and a LOT of chocolate chips; tons of them. You mix together the butter and the sugar, add all the other stuff, and beat it into a creamy dough, add the nuts and chips, and voila! You're ready to bake.

You spoon the cookie dough onto a baking sheet and pop them in a hot oven for only 15 minutes, until they've transformed from cold sticky dough into hot, crumbly morsels of heaven. They have transformed. And I defy you to change them back into flour, sugar, and butter.

Change is reversible. You can change to oil or tires on your car, but you could then conceivably change them back to the old oil, the bald tires. You can change your clothes, take off the old tee shirt and jeans, put on an evening gown and heels, and change from a stay-at-home mom into a hot date for your enchanted man. But, at the end of the evening, you can also change back into the stay-at-home mom by kicking off those ankle-breaking heels and stop holding in your stomach once you've pulled on your sweats and relaxed. It's all reversible.

Strive for transformation if you want your life to grow toward your dreams. Seek out experiences, such as classes, books, meetups, that touch your heart and help you discover who you are meant to be.

Transform yourself. Discover the profound, unforgettable, rare, inner you. Transform.


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