How do you leverage your time?

Thursday, August 27, 2009 ·

In the previous blog, we talked about residual income. An even more powerful component of network marketing is leveraging your time.

We talked about enrolling your first person into your business, then your second, fourth, tenth, and so on. You can enroll people until you're blue in the face, and your business will creep along. But if you start to leverage your time, your business will explode!

Take the time to train the people that you enroll to do what you've done. Take them under your wing and show them, step by step, how to talk to people, how to have fun at it, how to work in their back offices, how to meet people for lunch or tea and casually, naturally, bring up the subject of your new business, whatever it is that has made it so easy for you to enroll people. Guide them along until they pick up the idea and start going with it.

I went backpacking once with a good friend who was an expert fly fisherman. We sought out a river where the park service allowed only catch and release, which meant that every time someone caught a fish, they would release it back into the river, alive and healthy, if a little shell shocked.

This also meant that there were scads of fish there, and since my friend was so good at fishing, he was catching another fish every minute or so.

Now, when a fish first comes off the hook, it's dazed and shocked. When you lower it back into the river, it lays there, motionless, listing onto its side. So while my friend had the fishing experience of his life, I opened a fish recovery pool.

I gently cupped a fish in my palm and slowly swished it backward and forward through the water, allowing the water to flow through its gills so the fish could still breathe. I would have 6 or 8 fish gathered around my feet, in their 8 inches of river water, gently swishing two fish at a time, then going to the next two, rotating through the group until they recovered their wits and could carefully swim away.

My friend would add a new fish, two would wake up and swim away, new fish, recovered fish, a cycle of success.

Now, we could have just let the fish fend for themselves. Back in the water, there you go! But by caring for them and helping them function until they could take over for themselves ensured their success. Our fish were successful fish!

Your new team members are like the stunned fish. You can leave them to flounder for themselves, but some of them might not succeed. By nurturing them and helping them function until they can take over for themselves, you ensure their success.

Now, what does all of that have to do with leveraging your time? Every person on your team who succeeds turns into another you. Instead of you enrolling every single person, you have a good friend out there enrolling people, too. You get credit for everything your team accomplishes, so their success is your success. Pretty soon you have two, four, ten yous, out there being successful and having FUN, swimming along naturally, happily.

Train your team members well, and they'll be able to take their own teams under their wings, and teach the third generation how to succeed at enrolling people and teaching THEM how to succeed. Now you have hundreds of yous, swimming along, naturally, happily.

That's leveraging your time. That's true success.

There are other ways to leverage your time in network marketing. Which ones come to mind? Which ones would you like to know more about?

I can't wait to hear from you!

I hope you're having an amazing day.


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