Hey, I've been fired; week 1

Monday, October 5, 2009 ·

Many things change when you've lost your job. Routine is one of the changes that rears up in front of you immediately. Here it is, Monday morning, and I'm home with no real agenda in front of me. It's tempting to go back to bed, curl up with a good book or engrossing video, talk to my cat or call a friend and chat for an hour or two. Escape can be very inviting.

But that's not going to get me where I want to go. Sometimes you have to just give in and indulge your fear, but I'm determined not to let that become a habit. The best antidote for fear and uncertainty is taking action. I've generated some very strong leads, and I'm going to follow up on them today, with confidence and genuine friendliness.

The business and products that I have to offer people are the best that I've ever found. I'm crazy about my products, and the people who have tried them are now crazy about them, too. My company is headed up by the best business people around, and I love working with them. I have so much to offer people, and I'm using that knowledge to feed my enthusiasm and take charge of my attitude, my world view.

In parallel with this, I'm opening up communication about some consulting work that I can do on the side, a few hours a week, to help pay the bills while my business continues to grow. I know that this will give me some breathing room and help me to feel a bit safer financially.

This is a bit tricky, because it would be easy to spread too thin, putting energy into consulting rather than focusing completely on building my business. But you can't build a business with confidence if you're working from a platform of fear. It's important to make your present reality one that you can live in with an open heart, so that that's what you show the world, rather than an underlying edge of fear.

To manage both of these endeavors, I'm committing to taking care of MY business FIRST, then turning to the consulting sideline to keep it flowing along. I'm keeping my priorities very clear in my mind and in my heart, so the universe knows how it's supposed to respond to help me move forward into my new reality.

I'm enjoying the journey, while I move toward my destination.


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