Learn to thrive in a down economy

Friday, July 10, 2009 ·

Do you know of many industries that are doing well right now? We know that bankers, auto makers, many of the formerly stalwart industry are faltering. Scores of people have been laid off and are having trouble finding their next job. The media have created a fear consciousness around all of this, so we're all shivering in our boots, hoping it doesn't hit us or our loved ones.

In the midst of all of this, network marketing is thriving. In every economic downturn in the last 40 years, network marketing has blossomed. The reasons are interwoven.

In network marketing, there's no one to fire you. You are the boss. You decide how hard you work, when you work, with whom you work. If you decide to take the day off, no one is looking over your shoulder asking "WHAT???!!!" Whatever you do is your decision. You are the boss. No one can take your job away from you.

In network marketing, all you need is the desire to help others. In a down economy, there are lots of people looking for help. You can help them turn their lives around and really make something of themselves. It is the most rewarding industry out there. You can have an impact.

In a down economy, people become more open minded about opportunities. They're willing to think outside the box. Once they've looked outside that box, they will be amazed at the possibilities. Their enthusiasm will spark; their creativity will blossom; their hope will rise.

Robert Kiyasaki of the Rich Dad/Poor Dad book series describes network marketing as the single best avenue for going into business for yourself. All of the tools are there for you to use. You don't have to develop any marketing brochures, CDs, DVDs. The slide shows are ready to go, market tested, powerful. The back office and websites are up and running, waiting for you. For a small initial investment that anyone can afford, you step into a supportive, interactive system that teaches you what you need to know to succeed.

Paul Zane Pilzer, a noteworthy economist, predicts that thousands of millionaires will create fortunes over the next 10 years. How??? Network marketing. Pilzer predicted the crumbling of large corporations. Changes in tax laws and the speed of innovation in software and the internet have shifted the advantage to individuals, away from large corporations that can no longer adjust quickly enough to meet continuing consumer demands. These large corporations didn't crumble because of global influences. They crumbled because the hot shot, intelligent, motivated, clear thinkers are no longer joining corporations. They're building their own small, innnovative companies.

The timing is perfect. Thousands of millionaires over the next 10 years. Would you like to be one of them?


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Despite the current slow economy, network-marketing businesses are growing robustly. There are many reasons for that trend: At our fingertips, we have online training resources, full support such as brochures, DVDs, slide shows, social networking, webinars, teleconferences. We have the freedom to work at home, on our own timeline, with an ever-widening group of people we care about and love to spend time with. It is the perfect business that fits easily into our lives.

Our vision is to create a heart-based business using the truly amazing opportunity that is possible through network marketing, available to anyone who sincerely yearns for greater financial freedom and greater time freedom.

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